Cutting Milling Punching

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                          DLC - Diamond Like Carbon Coating Coated best Cutting Tools Coating Aluminum cutting tools DLC Diamond Like Carbon coating applied to carbide tools cutting aluminum alloys, graphite, printed circuit board [PCB] and plastics provides the following benefits: - Hardness, wear resistance times longer Tools last longer, reduced set-up time, savings - Extremely reduced coefficient of friction . Less lubricant fluid used, lower Operating temperature - Increased productivity and savings Higher Productivity The coating hardness, strength and smoothness all make it possible to significantly increase machining speeds. Running and lead times shorten, creating productivity improvements.- DLC on carbide tools are strongly recommended for working with aluminum and other soft alloys. Chips break well. Tools last drastically longer.- DLC on carbide tools result in protection from chipping-off and cold welding solution while processing malleable aluminum and aluminum alloys Superior Quality Black edge runner- Because cut material releases well, fewer burrs result.- Quality of the machined surface and improved throughput reduces rework.- Dimensional accuracy using coated tools is excellent, and qualityis reliably uniform. We provide selected coated tools or DLC coating, diamond like carbon turnaround 2 business days Black diamond coating Intellectual Alliance Inc