Injection Molding

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                          DLC - Diamond Like Carbon coating for Diamond coating for Dies and Molds dies and moulds best coating DLC FOR ALL TYPES OF DIES AND MOLDS. DLC DECREASES WEAR AND RAISES CORROSION RESISTANCE, extending the service life of molds moulds DLC FlILM THINNESS AND LOW-TEMPERATURE (150C) COATING PROCESS is excellent tor tools with highest precision demands, regardless ot material. TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION Due to DLC's low coefficient of Friction, dies and molds moulds operate smoothly. Ejectors and sliding parts are jam Free. DLC drastically improves the release of the parts from dies and molds with most plastics and metals. LONGER MAINTENANCE CYCLE Enhanced hardness and strength of DLC coating maintains the surface texture of the working surfaces, and tight tolerances For longer production runs. Because material releases Freely at the workspace, reducing tool cleaning and parts damage and lengthening maintenance intervals often more than tour times. WORKING PROCESS TEMPERATURE DLC coating can be adjusted to a range of working temperatures from 300 C° to 650 C” using multilayered processes UNIFORM QUALITY Dimensional accuracy and surface quality at parts are uniform in longer production runs. Dies and molds can be operated successfully without lubrication, ensuring contamination Free production tor medical and other critical applications, or reducing make ready tor Further surface treatment. Black diamond coating, PVD, vapour deposition, best plasma vacuum coating