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Watches And Jewellery

Additional info: PDF file WATCHES AND JEWELLERY - right click save as

DLC diamond like carbon coating for watches DLC - Black Diamond Crystal for Watches, Rings and Jewellery Black Diamond is grown in ultra high vacuum and evenly grown on the whole surface providing: -Superior hardness(Hv 1600-2000) -Excellent abrasion resistance -Extremely low coefficient of friction -Outstanding corrosion protection and chemical resistance for years to come -Very smooth and shiny -Elegant The process involves plasma method to restructure carbon molecules to grow an amorphous diamond evenly. scratch protection scratch resistance black, shiny matte luxury watches Rolex Corum Ebel IWC Baume & Mercier Panerai Cartier Glam Rock Breitling Ulysse Nardin Perrelet Chopard Audemars Piguet Patek Philippe Clerc Eterna Blancpain Tag Heuer Jacques Lemans Swiss Legend Invicta PVD CVD plazma vacuum plasma vacuum coating vapor deposition,