Mechanical Parts

          DLC - Diamond Like Carbon coating for Mechanical Parts DLC REDUCES FRICTION INCREASES DURABILITY DLC low friction coating is excellent For precision mechanical components, which require high reliability. Coated at temperatures of 150 Celsius, DLC coating is suitable tor all kinds at parts, regardless at material. INCREASED RELIABILITY DLC TREATED SLIDING PARTS Delivers outstanding wear-resistance that extends the service lite ol machine parts and reduces Q maintenance. The coating's low coefficient at Friction ensures reliable operation with or without lubricant. RAISES EFFICIENCY Lowered Friction and increased surface strength also means higher efficiency in combination with a reduced need tor maintenance, significantly reduces energy and power needs, and associated operating costs. SIMPLIFIES DESIGN Because a separate sliding material is not required, this low Friction coating enables the implementation og simpler structures. PVD CVD plazma vacuum plasma vacuum coating vapor deposition,