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          DLC - Diamond Like Carbon coating for OIL and GAS Industry IAI’s DLC custom coating technology is unique in Canada. DLC is an excellent coating for flow control devices, check and stop valves, including shut-off gate, choke, control, balancing, diaphragm, n-way, pneumatically actuated, knife gate, butterfly valves. ' Extremely low coefficient of friction ' Hard coating ' Chemically Inert Proven solution to the problems: In the oil, gas and petrochemical industries different kind of valves and mating parts tor wide range of applications are susceptible to a build-up of frictional in very aggressive chemical conditions, including H2S. hydrogen sulphate protection DLC coating is a way to solve problems: - Lowest attainable coefficient at friction tor mating parts to increase trouble-tree function drastically - Elimination of adhesion of mating metal parts, cold welding and anti-galling to increase lite time and precision v10 coating - Mechanical toughness and the highest possible hardness that resists abrasive or adhesive wear ' Corrosion protection and lubrication tor extreme rub wear - Chemical resistance to harsh medium including H25 due to chemically inert carbon content - Inert surfaces do not support biological growth DLC coated tools provide highest precision and uniform identity in any essential surfaces Better quality of equipment and as a result increasing maintenance interval significantly. PVD CVD plazma vacuum plasma vacuum coating vapor deposition,